Still Waiting…

Currently, the Collective is working on an ambitious project which has emerged from the R & D project.  This project is focused on the the theme of isolation and the surreal, challenging, life affirming and life-changing experiences that a period of isolation can cause.  We don't want to reveal any spoilers now, but we look forward to sharing this work with audiences soon. 


Shouting From The Sidelines

The Collective is working with Culture Shift and Sussex Prisoners Families to produce a new play based on the verbatim experiences of family members with members of their family serving a prison sentence.  


Verbatim material has already been collated and a script is now in development, led by the Collective.  We anticipate that this work will be shared with audiences in 2021.



Members of the Collective have delivered workshops in many different settings, including online and in person.  We specialise in leading work based on verbatim techniques and devising.


If you would like to contact us to discuss availability and more details, please contact